About Us

d’Autremont-Helms & Associates, Inc. (dHA) was founded in 1949 and incorporated in 1969. dHA is an engineering firm offering expertise in the areas of Mechanical and Plumbing consulting engineering services.

CALPEC Engineering, Inc. (CALPEC) was incorporated in 1984. CALPEC is an engineering firm offering expertise in the area of Electrical consulting engineering services.

In 2013, d’Autremont-Helms and CALPEC combined their engineering expertise to become

What We Do

As d'Autremont-Helms and CALPEC combined, we are able to provide full Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) consulting engineering services.


Our commitment to day-to-day principal-level involvement in every project has been the cornerstone of dHA + CALPEC’s success. This commitment results in a very personalized service to every client. The efforts of each principal engineer are complemented by experienced project engineers and technical support personnel for a well-integrated team effort.


We are constantly striving to be the firm of choice for our clients by producing technical products with exceptional quality in a timely manner and upholding an excellent reputation for achieving these goals on a consistent basis. dHA + CALPEC also takes great pride in the government agencies and private sector relationships we have established over the years, allowing us to better represent our clients and successfully see projects through from beginning to end.

Our Commitment

dHA + CALPEC is committed to quality engineering service. We believe that our firm’s value to our clients is from providing a motivating and empowering environment within our staff. dHA + CALPEC embodies these basic principles: financial strength, satisfied clients, and a motivated team of engineers and administrative staff members.

With our combined experience of more than 90 years as consulting engineering firms, we have acquired vast experience from a wide array of projects. Over the span of this time, it is this experience, the quality of service offered, together with an uncompromising dedication to serving our clients that sets us apart.

Where to Find Us

Pasadena Office

150 S. Arroyo Pkwy

Suite 100

Pasadena, CA, 91105

P: 626.445.8580

F: 626.445.8081